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AWS Cloud Migration Service

Deciding whether or not to adopt cloud services can be a difficult decision. This can mean a drastic change in your internal governance, systems and even the core philosophy of the company. Where to start? Are you prepared to deal with challenges during implementation? Are you prepared to mitigate the risks and have a smooth transition? It’s not always easy!

What you need is a plan – a strategic roadmap that clearly defines what to do and when to do it. As one of the most experienced AWS partners in Latin America, Ebizoncloud has the expertise to gather information, design strategy and support with Professional Services to ensure a secure migration. This competence was acquired after several migration projects carried out over the years. We will recommend the products and services best suited to your reality and level of maturity, suggest improvements to your current processes, and ensure safety. We have experience with the support and support of traditional “Colocation” or “On-premise” environments, which helps a lot in Migration processes or the development of hybrid solutions.

Data Migration Challenges for Cloud

When planning a data migration, you need to determine how much data is being moved and how long the transfer will take place over your existing Internet connection. The bandwidth that is used for data migration will not be available for your organization’s typical Internet traffic. In addition, your organization may be concerned about the movement of sensitive business information from your internal network into a secure AWS environment. When determining the level of security for your organization, we will be able to determine which AWS services you will need to use for your data migration.

The AWS cloud infrastructure is operated on the AWS Data Center and is designed to meet the most stringent security needs. The AWS infrastructure is designed to provide high availability while at the same time placing strong safeguards for customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. Network firewalls embedded in Amazon VPC, and web application firewall capabilities AWS WAF allow you to create private networks, and control access to your instances and applications AWS build its basic infrastructure using principles of safe design, and you with Our support can implement its own security architecture for workloads deployed within AWS.