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Managed Services

Each company or environment has different needs in terms of support and management. That’s why we offer six Support Plans with different characteristics to better serve each group of needs:

PSI – Support and Activities

All of the support activities known to us have been converted to “PSI (Professional Services Items)”.
The ISPs include the entire portfolio of Ebizoncloud Services:

Minimum time < 4h (SILVER) < 2h (PLATINUM) < 2h (PLATINUM) < 1h (RUBY) < 1h (RUBY) < 30min (DIAMOND)
NOC 8 5 24 7 24 7 24 7 24 7 24 7
Technical Support Access Support Portal and Telephone Support Portal and Telephone Support Portal and Telephone Support Portal and Telephone Support Portal , telephone and Chat Support Portal , telephone and Chat
Incident and Change Management
Service Delivery Manager (SDM)
Dedicated Cloud Architect
Type of Support / Service Reactive Reactive Proactive Proactive Proactive Proactive
Guidance on best practices Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud and Application Cloud and Application Cloud and Application
Architecture support
Billing Template CSC consumption CSC consumption Pack+CSC Consumption Pack+CSC Consumption Pack+CSC Consumption Pack+CSC Consumption
Purchase Options CSC On-Demand On-Demand,Reserved,and Sprint On-Demand,Reserved,and Sprint On-Demand,Reserved,and Sprint Reserved and Sprint Reserved and Sprint
CSCs Included CSC 2,000 CSC 6,000 CSC 12,000 CSC 12,000


  • All Cloud Products and Services
  • Operating Systems: Windows and Linux
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Postgres, MongoDB, DynamoDB and CouchDB
  • Web / App Servers: MS IIS, Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Weblogic and JBOSS
  • Development: PHP, Java, Python, Apex and C #
  • User Experience (UX): PHP, CSS and HTML5
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Automation
  • And many others …

When opening a Support Case (ticket) you describe your need and choose which SLA response you want for this Case. We will meet your need and in the end select and associate the PSIs that have been delivered by us for this service to your Support Case.

All PSIs have a predefined CSC credit value for each SLA. In this way the volume of CSC credits consumed for this Support Case will be proportional to the PSIs delivered and to the SLA chosen at the time of the opening of the Case. We currently have 100+ mapped PSIs * and available for use through Support Cases.
If your need does not match any PSI, this activity will be based on technical hour or consulting, but still through CSC consumption. There are PSIs for technical / consulting time at each technology / layer (Cloud Infrastructure, Operating Systems, Database, etc.)
You have full control over the consumption of CSC through Ebizoncloud Support Portal where you will have access to reports showing consumption of CSCs in the month and also your balance (if purchased in advance through the CSCs Reserved model). * The complete list of PSIs and its weight in CSCs according to each SLA is available online at Support Portal Ebizoncloud of and can be accessed at any time.

Host Fee

As our template is “Pay as you go,” the Service Fee is based on the hours of execution of your EC2 and RDS Instances from your AWS Account and Application Services, virtual machines, and Azure Database.
We’ll calculate how many CSCs were consumed based on your account’s “detailed billing”, adding up all the hours of Instances executed. The Service Fee consumption is CSC 0.25 / hour-host and is calculated monthly.
The CSCs retained in the Service Fee are fully converted into PSIs . That is, you can use the credits accumulated through Cases to support the environment or projects.
In this way, the CSCs consumed by the Cases will be “depleted” of their accumulated CSC balance of the Fee for that month.

Example scenario:

An instance EC2 used 100% of the time in a month of 720 hours:
720 hours * 0.25 = CSC CSC 180
The balance of CSC 180 will be slaughtered his CSC consumption of your support cases that month (if any).

Each PSI can be used in six levels of Priority (SLA), according to its Support Plan:

Bronze 8 5 (business days, business hours from 09:00 to 18:00) < 12 working hours
Silver 8 5 (business days, business hours from 09:00 to 18:00) < 4 business hours
Gold 16 5 (business days, extended business hours from 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) < 4 working hours
Platinum 24 7 < 2 hours
Ruby 24 7 < 1 hour
Diamond 24 7 < 30 Minutes